By Gunnar / January, 16, 2013 / 0 comments

A new year, a new website!

I would like to welcome all visitors to my new, professional website. Aside from its obvious intent to be utilized for first impressions and business inquiries, this news page is designed to keep you updated on my endeavours as a young, auditioning actor.  Over the coming months and who knows how much longer I will personally write these updates as to keep the chronicles of my love life in art as detailed and authentic as possible.

As I’ve come to realize by now that actors are usually marketed as products and not always as the artists behind them, I have to be careful with this – so don’t expect any gritty behind-the-scenes stories or meticulous blogging. After all, I am not planning on jeopardizing the believability of the characters I so aptly try to portray.

Don’t hesitate to check back often to follow me on this crazy journey, and hey, maybe even see me rise from a nobody to a somebody!