Strange Divide

By Gunnar / September, 22, 2015 / 0 comments

“Some really strong performances including the live voice interaction. Polished, chic, stylish.”, “Funny as fuck!”, “So sublime I thought I died and went to Sci-Fi Rom-Com theatre heaven.”. As can be seen here, the audience was overwhelmingly positive about our play Strange Divide, so it didn’t come as a surprise that they voted the show to a 4th place audience favourite out of over 80 shows playing at the Amsterdam Fringe Festival. We had a nearly perfect sold-out run, as well, so needless to say it was definitely a bit of a success.

One of the two characters I played was Dr. Jung (see below), a programmed virtual psychotherapist designed to give sound advice to humans in an ever so confusing future age. I based him on existing phenomena like Apple’s Siri and Dr. Kawashima and couldn’t have had a more fun time physicalizing a character so reliant on personal creativity. Thanks again to Orange Tea for casting me in such a fun and thought-provoking play!

Dr. Jung