By Gunnar / September, 27, 2016 / 0 comments

Over the summer I had the pleasure of briefly joining the brilliant team of Sherlocked Mystery Experiences in their efforts to rekindle a sense of magic in the world. If you’re reading this and you’re wondering what exactly a ‘mystery experience’ would entail, I highly recommend diving into it headfirst without doing too much research prior to it. The concept started out as an ‘escape room’, in which the audience is locked into a room and has to find its own way out but over time has developed into something so much more intricate and spectacular it wouldn’t do the concept any good if I’d spoil the fun here by talking about it in great detail (and my engagements with it). Let’s just say that working as a presenter, host and character actor in such an interactive, intelligent and magical environment was something completely new to me but I’ve learned a lot about the many ways theatre can be interpreted into an engaging conversation with an audience.

From one magical setting to the other, I have now moved to London to do a bit of my own detective work at another very, very special place – I have officially started my post-graduate master studies at the MA Theatre Lab at RADA. More on that later!