A Short Play About Feminism

By Gunnar / December, 17, 2015 / 0 comments

It’s that I did some other fun work (like recording a commercial voice-over for an exciting start-up company) because the thrill that usually comes with theater was  replaced primarily by sheer angst and fear during the process of writing and performing a new short play. For another edition of Fact to Fiction I decided to write a play about feminism and named it appropriately; ‘A Short Play About Feminism – a play about feminism’. It’s been an increasingly hot issue this year so I figured that talking about it from a man’s perspective could be fun and insightful source material for a creative outlet like playwriting. The experimental, abstract play, focused around a broken-hearted young Boy who is confronted with the ghost of a Feminist Woman, saw a narrator addressing the audience, vicious rapping to a 90’s Hip Hop beat, and some pretty thorough practicing on how to pronounce the word ‘Feminism’. Though scary, I’m glad I got to do it.

The evening also saw me performing a monologue on the comparisons of love and terror, written by Kristine Johanson, and had me in a play about the true evil intentions of Elon Musk. Oh, to be an actor..