New Amsterdam

By Gunnar / August, 21, 2015 / 0 comments

When it comes to being bi-lingual in Amsterdam, I’m definitely at an advantage. Over the last two months I’ve been in rehearsals for Orange Tea’s new original play ‘Strange Divide’ by Esther O’Toole, premiering next month at the Amsterdam Fringe Festival. It’s a really exciting show about both the dangers and promises of the technological age and I can’t wait to start performances.

Also in English; I got the opportunity to put up my best American Salesman voice to do a voice-over for a series of videos for the Aids Fonds, a Dutch charity organization fighting for anyone with HIV and Aids. The videos were made for their online ‘first world problem pills’ campaign, check out their website here if you’d like to support them!

Lastly, I just finished a couple of shooting days for the short film ‘Fiets’, which allowed me to also do some acting in Dutch. The film is about Koen, a guy who lost his bike after a wild night of partying, trying to not only regain possession of his bicycle but also his memories as he ventures through Amsterdam in a penguin suit..