By Gunnar / June, 12, 2016 / 0 comments

What makes for a good memory? Is it the unexpected or adventurous element, the narrative of the story we repeatedly mentally tell ourselves to remember certain moments or people by? I don’t know, but thanks to a few recent developments in my acting life I can definitely say that I’ve come a bit closer to a deeper understanding of the value of positive memories. When filmmaker Bart Schrijver pitched me a rough idea for a film, I knew I wanted to be involved. An old man relives key moments with his wife when he watches a re-enactment of his life. The film, made and shown at the 48 Hour Film Festival Amsterdam, won 5 awards and became runner-up best film. As a supporting character, I played the stage manager.

On the same day as the film had its premiere I found out about some other good news. Over the last months I’ve been in the process of auditioning for the MA Theatre Lab program at RADA or the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. It’s been intensive, very physically and mentally challenging work but I can officially announce that I’ve been offered a place at their program. That means I’ll be moving to London come September.

How about that for some good memories?

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