A little bit of love, 007

By Gunnar / May, 12, 2015 / 0 comments

Stay busy, keep growing. It’s been a crowded month – from stage rehearsals and performances to commercial work to a last-minute call-up for another short film. PuttingĀ  my best British accent into effect – I played one of the James Bond characters in ‘The Abridged James Bond Company’ for Orange Tea. It became somewhat of a crowd-pleaser as the company came back with a vengeance for an evening of tuxes, gadgets, villains and bond girls in their own staged version of a James Bond film. See one of the cast photo’s below to compare the different Mr. Bond’s!

To keep things into perspective I then dived back into the world of commercial acting and did a few sketches for a corporate web commercial for Cisco Systems and I also got cast as the male lead in the romantic short “At a place, in a time – a love story” by the production company It Happened On A Tuesday.

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James Bond cast