Jan Fabre

By Gunnar / May, 30, 2017 / 0 comments

Jan Fabre 'Je Suis Sang'Normally I wouldn’t simply use somebody’s name as the title of a news-post, but the exception here is more than warranted. Throughout Europe and beyond, Jan Fabre, the performance artist and theatre director, is inextricably linked with a modern ethos and practice in acting-training and unconventional theatrical styles. His reputation more than preceded him so our company met him and his team with great honor and excitement to start training together.

We ended with a production of Je Suis Sang (I Am Blood), a medieval fairy tale showing us the boundaries of physical limitations, often utilizing apocalyptic and grotesque images to take the audience on a very specific and poetic journey. It is safe to say it was unlike anything I’ve ever done but can wholeheartedly say it has made me grow as an artist in spades, and was quite moved by the audience’s reception of the show afterwards. If this is the standard I’ll continue to work in, I’ll gladly accept those bruised ribs and tortured limbs.

Photo by Henry Kenyon