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By Gunnar / January, 6, 2020 / 0 comments

It’s a bit of an understatement to say that I didn’t exactly choose the ‘easy route’ by navigating a career path away from the motherland (twice). No worthwhile undertaking is easy, you could say, and I’ve certainly dealt with my fair share of sacrifices and challenges along the way – so when opportunities arise that are direct long-term effects of early seed-planting and risk-taking it’s immensely gratifying and affirming.

Changing locations within England, I’ve had my last filming days for Belgravia, the new Julian Fellowes’ period drama tv-adaptation of his book of the same name. It features a stellar cast and was a very exciting project to being involved with. I’m sure I would not have had the opportunity to even audition had I not decided to study and work in London three years prior. More on this later.

A few weeks later in the summer I ventured towards the idyllic region of Sarreguimines in France, on the border with Germany to shoot Comme des Grands. I was pitched the story for this film in Paris two years prior by Ania Gauer, who has developed into a more than competent writer-director-producer of her own right after we studied acting at Stella Adler together in New York City all those years ago. She flattered me by saying she was writing the role of Lukas specifically for me, and I have enjoyed conversations about the story and the character in the two years that followed. The shoot itself then was very effortless and also just quite nourishing to be working together with Ania as proper grown-ups, comme des grands, with a nice added bonus that I got some French representation out of it – Agence Marceline Lenoir (AML). Featuring Pauline Chalamet and Dylan Raffin, the film should come out sometime this year.

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