Clay To Flesh

By Gunnar / October, 13, 2017 / 0 comments

Clay To Flesh Production Shot

“Clay To Flesh was intense for all the right reasons. Fearless performances and a brave show full of ingenuity by Rada’s Theatre lab.“, “Raw, exposing, thought-provoking show”, “a beautiful piece of provocative theatre.“, “Mesmerised, astonished, delighted, shocked, troubled, happy, exhausted, thrilled: Clay to Flesh, the MA Graduate Piece. Theatre at its absolute best. Saw it by accident and completely bowled over.

Clay To Flesh production shot 2

It’s difficult to predict when all the puzzle pieces will fall into place, if ever. All you can do is contribute to the best of your ability and hopefully, if the team you’re working with is assembled correctly, something magical will come out. If the audience’s reception was to be believed, something special had certainly been born out of the conclusion of my year at Rada. The amalgamation of four terms of exploration and application of a wide range of theatre and performance practices¬† – Clay To Flesh served as the manifestation of a long creative collaboration between our company and dynamic theatre director Simona Gonella. Under the umbrella of the ancient Pentateuch, we set out to express our humanity and our connection with the origins, with Nature, the invention of sin, and our struggle with the world at large, truth and the inevitable frailty of words. Using all theatrical means available, from puppetry to technology and from physical theatre to immersive interaction – we invited the audience to take an entomological perspective as we ambitiously re-interpreted the pivotal tales of our origins to dissect the flaws and virtues of the human race.

Clay To Flesh production shot

I played a variety of roles and contributed various philosophical angles to the material, which has taught me the difference between performing as an actor, a character and a person on stage, sometimes at the same time. And with that, I ended my very full year as a student at Rada. It’s been a wild ride, and it’s hard to put into words the life-changing effect it’s had on me. There’s no time for a break, though, because I have since been cast as the lead in a new show which allows me to continue exploring theatre from a more philosophical perspective. I am one lucky boy.

Clay To Flesh production shot