Berlin challenge

By Gunnar / January, 24, 2020 / 0 comments

IMG_20190630_112409After an incredible communal creative experience in Paris I was very pleased to be invited again to join a wonderful group of international artists, creators and designers for the “Experience Design Challenge”, this time in Berlin. Okay, so we had one of the most inspiring venues I’ve ever attended at our disposal (Monopol, a former distillery in typical Berlin underground fashion) but limited time and resources and a completely new group of colleagues with different working vocabularies and backgrounds was bound to lead to unmitigated disaster, right? Yeah, you’d think. If there’s one thing I keep learning is that it’s easy to underestimate the power of a shared passion or the communal tendency towards openness and curiosity, because I have once again seen the evidence to believe in the superiority of the team over the ego. Or maybe it had all to do with the soothing effects of a scorching Summer temperature (we’re still in 2019, July). I don’t know.

P1050755Where at the Parisian challenge I was most struck by the realization that ‘everybody is an actor’, I was also given the opportunity to employ my training in a different way: that of facilitating a smooth co-creation process with people from different backgrounds in a team of 10, which remains a challenge in the truest sense of the word. This time, I got to further practice that muscle. Every morning, I got to lead our group of 30 into a selection of ‘warm-up games’ to get us all into the right mood. I found this to be quite scary, as I was one of the few, if not only, professionally trained actors around and I wasn’t sure how well these exercises stemming from my training in theatre would be received by people from more corporate backgrounds. Thankfully, I had no reason to worry. Once again: everybody is an actor.

I could get into further detail about the experiences we’ve ended up cooking up together, and how well it was received by the audience in attendance – but I’ll leave it up to your imagination. Sometimes, you just had to be there. I’m sure the Berlin magical toothbrush-wielding wood-fairy’s would agree with such a, well, profound statement.