Extraordinary Events

By Gunnar / February, 3, 2021 / 0 comments

..and then I moved out of London. And then I started new work. And then, casually, a pandemic took over the world, and then I was another year and a half behind on my not-so-regular upkeep of this section of the website. It’s not as if I’ve exactly sat still and nothing has happened though. Far from it. So without further ado, let’s take this opportunity to go back a bit.

In the perfectly innocent summer of 2019 (yes, I’m so far behind that I’m taking us back even before the historic 2020) I was invited to co-create a new Stone Soup, this time as a fellow initiator. It has taught me a lot about democratizing organizational values and I’m happy to have explored leadership from a more behind the scenes perspective. We rented out a beautiful castle in Limburg, the Netherlands and co-created with 40 artists, entrepreneurs, facilitators and researchers to come to an adventurous Stone Soup Netherlands ’19.

stone soup '19

At the end of that summer, I ventured onward to Poland. Not just to attend a magical wedding, but also to join the faculty and community of that year’s body of the College of Extraordinary Experiences. I attended as a volunteer and received an invite due to my past theatrical experiences, which meant that I could help create immersive characters (in the form of fantastical goblins) for the enjoyment of the other participants… and myself, of course. The theme of the 2019 edition of the College was “Call to the Wild”, so as we learned more about the fabrics of experience design we explored our relationship with nature and sustainable development. Together with Leon Simmonds, an artist and magician I befriended, we built a learning arch with the intention for people to learn together as a calling to the wild.

The College of Extraordinary Experiences — Cultural DesignNo photo description available.


That whole week was unlike anything I’d ever experienced. Zamek Czocha, the location with the castle where it was held, was so unbelievably inspirational and the people that attended were incredible – so I could not be more grateful for the opportunity to have experienced it. Describing it as ‘Hogwarts in real life’ would only partly begin to do it justice.

learning arch coee