Working with Friends

By Gunnar / March, 8, 2015 / 0 comments

What better way to segue in to 2015’s first (albeit somewhat late) news post than to work with friends! Recently I did a little cameo for Ruwan Heggelman’s short film ‘Snuff’, about the controversial topic of snuff films. Though it wasn’t exactly what you would call light material, I had a great time shooting and working with Ruwan and his crew.

Another friend I’ve worked with recently was Menno van Winden who asked me to model for a picture which I think turned out quite nicely. Why exactly I’m pouring milk out of a vodka bottle? Let’s leave that open to interpretation. Talking about vodkabottles – check out Don’t Forget to Tip, the short film I shot when I played a street poet at Times Square!

By Menno van Winden